PRAWOGEOLOGICZNE Koncesja w ustawie – Prawo geologiczne i górnicze w świetle ostatnich zmian legislacyjnych

Aleksandra Szydzik


Concession in Geological and Mining Law in the light of the recent legislative changes.
A b s t r a c t. The aimof the article is to discuss the amendment to the Act of 9 June 2011 – Geological and Mining Law (Journal of Laws from 2017, item 2126 with further amendments), as a consequence of the entry into force of the Act of 6 March 2018 – Law of Entrepreneurs (Journal of Laws from 2018, item 646), as well as the assessment of relevance of the changes devised. The author analyzes in detail a legal nature of the concession and then the changes introduced to the Geological and Mining Law in Chapter I of Section III, concerning concession rules. Paying particular attention to the context, causes and effects of the changes, the author indicates that the amendment was in fact only a technical activity, however, not devoid of the practical significance. This article attempts to answer the question whether the legislative practice of transferring general provisions to the sectorial act, which is undoubtedly the Geological and Mining Law, will contribute to a better understanding of the regulations among their potential recipients.

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