Głos w sprawie 100-letniego Państwowego Instytutu Geologicznego

Marian Stępniewski


On the issue concerning the 100-year-old Polish Geological Institute.
A b s t r a c t. The rich history of the Polish Geological Institute is a very valuable cultural heritage of Poles after 1918. Several generations of eminent natural scientists, the multitudes of dedicated staff members of the Institute, contributed to the recognition of the geological structure of Poland and to the discoveries of natural deposits, extremely important for the science and economic development of country. The research potential of the Institute at the threshold of the second 100 years of its existence is the most valuable component of the Polish Geological Survey, within which it has to be fully involved. Marginalization of the Institute’s role and competence in plans for the next decades would be a reprehensible mistake, very harmful to the geology of Poland.

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