Znaki kamieniarskie interesującym obiektem badań interdyscyplinarnych

Janusz Skoczylas, Małgorzata Szczepaniak


Masonry signs as an interesting object of interdisciplinary research.
A b s t r a c t. In attempts to seek basics of geology, it is worthwhile getting to know and analysing the state of knowledge about rocks and minerals in definite historical periods. They made it on the basis of an analysis of masonry signs. After short indicating general trends in the development of construction in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Byzantium, the authors concentrated on the medieval architecture of Europe, Poland including the gothic cathedral in Gniezno. However, they paid a special attention to the work of stonemasons and the way of documenting the results of their work. Based on masonry signs survived till today, we can reconstruct the origin, as well as the mobility of builders of the examined object. Masonry signs are a wonderful subject of the research for multiple inquiry about interdisciplinary representatives of geological, social and technical studies.

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