Przegląd wybranych rozwiązań teoretycznych jednoosiowej konsolidacji gruntów

Bartłomiej Szczepan Olek


Review of selected theoretical solutions for uniaxial consolidation of soils.
A b s t r a c t. This paper presents the review on available approaches to predicting consolidation settlement of cohesive soils. The progress of deformation in clays is visualized as the combination of hydrodynamic and rheological processes. The first part deals with infinitesimal consolidation theories. The second part is a review of finite strain solutions that describe consolidation of soils. Non-linear one-dimensional consolidation of a thin and thick clay deposit considering linear void ratio-log effective stress relationship, self-weight of soil, constant volume (1+void ratio), thickness of clay layer and coefficient of consolidation also were considered. This aspects was illustrated for different cases on the basis of variations of degree of consolidation obtained both for settlements and dissipation of excess pore water pressures. In addition attention was paid to non-linearity of permeability and compressibility during consolidation course, variablity of coefficient of consolidation and time-dependent soil response.

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