PRAWO GEOLOGICZNE Polska Agencja Geologiczna Realizacja zadań publicznych przez agencje wykonawcze

Hanna Wolska


Polish Geological Agency. Execution of public tasks by executive agencies.
A b s tr a c t. It appears that in recent years the execution of public tasks of economic nature has increasingly been more commonly appointed to executive agencies. These agencies are defined by the Public Finance Act as state legal persons formed in accordance with a separate act for the purpose of specific tasks. All executive agencies that execute public tasks set out by law, are appointed by national authorities and are affiliated with central government bodies. On the other hand, every executive agency has its own separate scope of activity, tasks, competences, internal organization and its role within the social and economic systems. Therefore, executive agencies constitute a means to execute public tasks within the administrative system. This article attempts to answer whether an appointment of executive agencies to execute public tasks is advantageous to public administration and whether this appointment is beneficial. All considerations included in this article are based on the example of the Polish Geological Agency which will be appointed to execute tasks within the field of geology and hydrogeology and serve as the Polish geological and hydrogeological survey.

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