U korzeni polskiej geoturystyki. Przewodnik po Islandii Daniela Vettera (1592–1669)

Janusz Skoczylas


At the root of Polish geotourism. Guide to Iceland by Daniel Vetter (1592–1669).
A b s t r a c t. Daniel Vetter (1592–1669), Czech in origin, was a resident of Leszno 1632–1656. In 1638, he published there a work in Polish titled “Iceland or Short describing the Islandyji island” which is the pioneering characteristics of social relations and nature of this secret island. However, the descriptions of the morphology,
hydrography and geothermal conditions it is possible to find the first signs of geotourism of Iceland. The paper puts emphasis on Vetter’s remarks and observations concerning geological features. It pays special attention to the mountain and upland morphology of the island, to volcanoes, thermal water geysers and other aspects of the complicated hydrographic network. Enthusing about the stone landscape of Iceland, Vetter inspired the author to deliberations upon the role and the meaning of the symbolism of stone in the life, beliefs and the magic of Icelanders

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