Z MINIONYCH CZASÓW Konstanty Tołwiński – wybitny geolog karpacki, organizator poszukiwań i badań złóż nafty i gazu

Jerzy B. Miecznik


Konstanty Tołwiński – the eminent Carpathian geologist, organiser of exploration and research on oil and gas deposits.
A b s t r a c t. Konstanty Tołwiński (1877–1961), a Polish geologist, graduated from the University of Zurich, and a student of Prof. Albert Heim. He was an outstanding Carpathian geologist, cartographer, tectonician, and petroleum expert. He was also the founder of the Carpathian Geological-Petroleum Institute in Boryslav, being its manager in 1919–1939, the author of synthetic monographs on the geological structure of the Carpathians and the concept of prospecting for bitumens, as well as the discoverer of natural gas deposits. Territorial changes of Poland, which took place after World War II, resulted in the end of Polish exploration in the Eastern Carpathians. After the war, Tołwiński participated in the search for oil and gas in the Western Carpathians and the Polish Lowlands as an advisor.

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