Koncesjonowanie poszukiwań, rozpoznawania i eksploatacji złóż kopalin a wymagania racjonalnej gospodarki

Marek Nieć


Mineral prospecting and mining concessions and reasonable utilization of mineral resources.
A b s t r a c t. Concession for mineral prospecting and mining, issued by governmental authorities according to
the geological and mining law, is the obligatory exigency in Poland. The basic aim is the reasonable utilization
of mineral resources as a non-renewable part of the environment, necessary for everyday life and sustainable
development of society. The existing mode of concession procedure is imperfect. The most important changes
should include 1) obligatory presentation of prospecting projects, 2) determination of the time of mining concession validity, allowing development of the total evaluated deposit reserves, and 3) insurance against concession abandonment before exhausting of the total deposit reserves designed for mining

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