Przyczyny i skutki pozostawiania w złożach niewykorzystanych zasobów kopalin

Marek Nieć, Ryszard Uberman, Wojciech Naworyta, Robert Uberman


Causes and consequences of abandonment of exploitation of mineral deposits.
A b s t r a c t. Mineral raw materials are necessary for economic activity and wealth of every country. They are sourced primary from mineral deposits that are, with few exceptions, non-renewable. Their resources, suitable for economic exploitation, are limited and exhaustible. This is the reason for rational and careful utilization of mineral deposits and best possible recovery of explored resources. It should be guaranteed by the state legal regulations. However, the mining is often ceased before the deposit resources are exhausted, resulting from various reasons: due to human-independent factors, such as catastrophic events, natural threats to mining, and loss of economic profitability, or due to administrative decisions of mining authorities. The closing of a mine followed by reclamation and new utilization of the abandoned mining area before the exhaustion of total reserves may preclude the possibility of mining of their remaining portions, resulting in their loss. The decision of mine closing should be preceded by the careful analysis of the future fate of the unrecovered resources, by valuating the possibility of their future exploitation, or considering them as lost. The above problems are presented based on case histories of some deposits. The mode of preventing abandonment of unrecovered
resources is suggested.

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