Ocena obecnego stanu pokrycia potrzeb surowcowych gospodarki krajowej

Ewa Lewicka, Anna Burkowicz


Assessment of the current state of coverage of the domestic economy’s demand for mineral raw materials.
A b s t r a c t. Current state of coverage of the domestic needs for mineral raw materials was assessed on the basis of estimated values and volumes of their consumption in 2011–2015. The analysis showed that among over 100 minerals consumed in Poland the demand for almost 60% of them was met by imports. Some were purchased abroad due to lack of domestic sources (e.g. iron ores and concentrates, and aluminium), while others – due to inadequate domestic supplies (e.g. copper and zinc concentrates), or insufficient quality of minerals from own sources (e.g. some ceramic clays and magnesite). The production of around 30 raw materials, mainly ceramic and construction ones, can satisfy fully the country’s demand. The trade balances reveal deep deficit in the turnover, especially of fuels – with the exception of hard coal and lignite, the utilization of which (recently 80% of the total demand for fuels) can be reduced due to
the EU policy aimed at their restricted use. This will result in increasing dependence of Poland on foreign deliveries of fuels, and thus in deepening the negative trade balance of mineral raw materials. Due to limited sufficiency of domestic reserves of many mineral raw materials their increased importation seems to be unavoidable.

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