ARTYKUŁY NAUKOWE Analiza morfotektoniczna form rzeźby osuwiskowej na SW stokach góry Kornuty (Karpaty fliszowe, Beskid Niski)

Michał Zatorski


Morphotectonic analysis of the landslide relief on the SW slopes of Mt Kornuty (Flysch Carpathians, Beskid
Niski Mts).
A b s t r a c t.On the SW slopes of the Mt. Kornuty (Magura Wątkowska mountain range in the Beskid Niski Mts.) is located one of the largest landslide areas in the Polish Flysch Carpathians. The morphotectonic analysis performed using contour diagrams and rose directional diagrams, made it possible to determine the direction of gravity mass movement. In total, over than 2500 measurements of the spatial orientation of joint surfaces were made within the landslide zone. Changing the direction of the tectonic anisotropy of the in situ and ex situ forms allowed conducting the morphogenetic analysis, i.e. specifying the types of gravitational movements. Besides the commonly occurring toppling, also rockfalls, rotation around the horizontal or vertical axis, and antithetical displacements (the listric type) were observed. The combination of several types of gravitational movements of different age allows us to unequivocally say that it is a complex type of landslide.

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