Geofizyczne rozpoznanie zasięgu kry jurajskiej w Gołaszynie k. Łukowa

Maciej Mendecki, Michał Świder, Izabela Nowaczyńska, Aleksandra Mamak, Judyta Odrobińska, Patrycja Piotrowska, Julia Rewers, Anna Tymińska


Geophysical investigation of spatial distribution of the Jurassic raft in Gołaszyn near
Łuków, E Poland.
A b s t r a c t. The paper deals with the study of the Middle Jurassic clays near the town of Łuków, to identify its position, depth and thickness defined using geoelectrical techniques. The electrical properties of the ground were determined by a non-invasive 2D Resistivity Imaging Method which involves the investigation of the distribution of resistivity in the ground in X and Z direction. The measurements were carried out on four survey profiles that allowed to distinguish the horizontal and vertical extent of the Jurassic raft. It is not regular, but represents a more complicated structure. The values of resistivity, identified with the Jurassic clays, were very low and reached about 1–20 m, which allowed interpreting, on each resistivity cross-section, its thickness
changing from a few metres up to tens of metres.

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