Zagrożenia zbiorników wodnych wynikające z działalności człowieka na przykładzie Stawu Płaszowskiego w Krakowie

Rafał Gawałkiewicz


Threats to water bodies resulting from human activity: a case study of Płaszów Pond in Cracow.
A b s t r a c t. An exceptional group of post-mining excavations are those made as a result of the exploitation of Quaternary seams of natural aggregates. Their characteristic feature includes borrow pits, left after quarrying. They are going through the process of natural revitalization as a result of water table stabilization and the inflow of ground waters and precipitation waters, followed by the natural succession of aquatic vegetation. Płaszów Pond in Cracow-Płaszów is located close to the city centre, in its attractive region. The attractiveness of the adjacent areas can also have a negative effect on the water resources and the ecosystem. The results of geodetic monitoring of water resources show that the situation during the first three months of 2016 had symptoms of ecological disaster.

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