ARTYKUŁY NAUKOWE O rzekomym wystąpieniu makroskamieniałości Helcionelloida i meduz w kambrze Gór Świętokrzyskich

Dawid Mazurek, Aleksander Majchrzyk, Aleksandra P. Giza


On the alleged occurrence of Helcionelloida macrofossil and medusae from the Cambrian of the Holy Cross Mountains.
A b s t r a c t. Amongst the materials collected from the Cambrian outcrops in the Holy Cross Mountains by priest professor Włodzimierz Sedlak, there is a holotype and only specimen of Helcionella polonica, as well as
a rock fragment with casts of medusoids on its surface. We decided to revise these materials for their importance to discussions on the early molluscs’ size and the medusae fossil record; as well as for the critical
nature of previously published revisions of taxa erected by Sedlak.

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