Polskie zagłębia węgla kamiennego – zarys historii badań Państwowego Instytutu Geologicznego

Janusz Jureczka, Adam Ihnatowicz, Albin Zdanowski


Polish bituminous coal basins – an outline of the history of the Polish Geological Institute research.
A b s t r a c t. Geological studies of the Polish coal basins – namely the Upper Silesian Basin, the Lower Silesian Basin and the Lublin Basin – are diverse due to the differences in the extent of exploration and coal mining activities, as well as the complicated political history of each basin. This paper presents a review of the most important geological works performed after World War II on the territory of Poland. The studies conducted by the Polish Geological Institute (PGI) were of critical importance, especially those which were concentrated on the geology and stratigraphy of Carboniferous strata. It should be emphasized that the PGI made a great contribution to the discovery and subsequent evaluation of coal resources in the Lublin Coal Basin. Equally important are exploration endeavors and coal resource evaluation conducted by the PGI in the other two Polish coal basins. In addition, the PGI initiated and performed investigations of coalbed methane.

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