ARTYKU£Y NAUKOWE Poszukiwanie intruzji granitoidowej będącej źródłem mineralizacji polimetalicznej w rejonie na NW od Krakowa z zastosowaniem metod geofizycznych

Marek Markowiak, Paweł Czarniak, Ryszard Habryn


Searching for granitoid intrusion as the source of polymetallic mineralization in the NW area of Kraków with the use of geophysical methods.
A b s t r a c t. Borehole Cianowice-2 was drilled several kilometers to the NW of Kraków. Under the Jurassic deposits, at a depth of 265.3–600.0 m, Ediacaran clastic sediments with polymetallic mineralization represented
by a group of dozen ore minerals, mainly sulphides and sulphosalts were found. This is low-temperature, hydrothermal mineralization, which along with local metasomatic transformations indicates that the Ediacaran rocks are probably related to the nearby intrusion of acid igneous rocks. In order to locate this hypothetical intrusion, detailed gravimetric and magnetic tests were performed. As a result, a negative gravimetric anomaly was discovered with minima in the region of Maszyce and Prądnik Ojcowski. An optimal borehole location for a further exploration was proposed near the Podmaszyckie hamlet at a depth of about 1000 m.

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