100 lat Państwowego Instytutu Geologicznego – dla gospodarki, nauki i edukacji. Archiwum Geologiczne PIG-PIB w drugim 50-leciu istnienia

Tomasz Janicki


Geological Archive PGI-NRI in the second 50. anniversary.
A b s t r a c t. Collecting of geological archives and cores was initiated in 1919 with the establishment of the Polish Geological Institute. During the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 these collections, gathered through the past 25 years, became dispersed and mostly destroyed. After World War II collecting was reactivated and now the Institute has 7 archives of cores and geological samples. They are as follows (arranged in order of a decreasing number of collected samples): Leszcze near Kłodawa (195,000 samples); Kielniki–Przymiłowice (163,000), Szurpiły (107,000), Piaseczno (100,000), Hołowno (94,000), Michałów (37,000) and Halinów (28,000). The main base of geological data of the present Poland’s area, and proceeded and systematically developed by the Polish Geological Institute, is the Central Geological Data Base. This base includes, among others, the following subsystems: Documents, Boreholes, Study sites, Well Geophysics, Analyses, Deposits and Geological Collections.

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