PRAWO GEOLOGICZNE Czy zawiadomienie o zamiarze rozpoczęcia robót geologicznych jest konieczne?

Aleksander Lipiński


Is the notification of the intention to start geological operations necessary?
A b s t r a c t. The majority of geological operations must be preceded by the notification, made at least 2 weeks before their commencement. Such notification contains information on the date of commencement (completion) of geological operations, basic data on the operations and on the persons that are in chargé of their management and supervision. It is addressed to the competent authority of: geological administration (which is the authority that issues a decision allowing the performance of geological operations), the head
of a commune, the maritime administration if the geological operations are to be performed in the maritime areas of the Republic of Poland and mining supervision authority, however, if only the requirements for the mining plant and its operation are, mutatis mutandis, applicable to the geological operations. Although the solution is essentially not different from the requirements, which have been in place for many years, there are many indications that it is completely unnecessary and hinders the efficient performance of geological operations.

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