Osuwisko na stokach MaguryWitowskiej (Podhale)

Paweł Marciniec, Wojciech Granoszewski, Ziemowit Zimnal


Landslide on the slopes of Mt. Magura Witowska (Podhale).
A b s t r a c t. The landslide on the northern slopes of Magura Witowska is an example of a consequent-structural type of landslide. It has been developed due to several favorable conditions like: monoclinal layer deposition where the dip angle and direction of collapsing layers are close to those of slope exposition. Moreover, shale packages are commonly present in the bedrock. In the lower part of the landslide an elongated basin filled with peat sediments is situated. The 8-m long profile was recovered with an Instorf sampler for 14C dating and pollen analysis purposes. The results of radiocarbon dating and pollen analysis point to Subboreal and Subatlantic age of these sediments. Undisturbed biogenic sedimentation, lack of minerogenic intercalations together with the unbroken course of pollen succession suggest that the studied landslide has not undergone any significant active events since its formation

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