Zagrożenie zabytków dziedzictwa kulturowego ruchami masowymi na obszarze Karpat

Izabela Laskowicz, Teresa Mrozek


Cultural heritage affected by landslides in the Carpathians.
A b s t r a c t. Owing to intensification of extreme rainfall events widespread land-sliding has been observed in the Carpathians since the 1990s. This area is also known for many cultural heritage objects e.g. manors, castles, sacred buildings, technical structures, whole villages and urban layouts. Here, the natural propensity to slope failure was often overlooked, so was a potential landslide hazard. This work presents the list of cultural heritage objects that have been affected by a landslide hazard. and that total to 445 historic sites. In the group of the most endangered, there are 12 heritage buildings located on active landslides. Using selected examples of masonry and wooden structures, the sacred historical heritage assets and manors are discussed in a context of landsliding threats and related preventive measures. This paper also shows that the structural stabilization implemented for a historical site was successful and withstood an impact of extreme precipitation
during the spring/summer 2010. However, the assessment of landslide hazard requires, first of all, a full inventory of the threatened monuments and historical sites.

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