Osuwiska w Sudetach

Rafał Sikora, Tomasz Wojciechowski


Landslides in the Sudetes.
A b s t r a c t. This paper presents the results of analysis of landslides distribution in the Sudetes (SW Poland). Our study was based on the analysis of the LiDAR-data digital elevation model and integrated with investigations of different factors for landslide development. The results of the study showed relationships between the spatial distribution of landslides and geology of their basement. For the areas built by Permo-Mesozoic and late Variscan sedimentary and volcanogenic rocks, the tectonic and lithological factors are predominant for landslide occurrences. The largest landslides have a tectonic affinity and represent a frontal type of geometry. The relationships between geological conditions and mass movements were also confirmed
by the constructed landslide susceptibility map of the Sudetes

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