Zagrożenia osuwiskowe dla sztucznych zbiorników wodnych w Karpatach

Zbigniew Perski, Piotr Nescieruk, Tomasz Wojciechowski


Landslide hazard to water reservoirs in the Carpathians.
A b s t r a c t. Starting from 2011, landslides in Łaski over the Żywieckie lake and in Piaski-Drużków over the Czchowskie Lake have been included into the landslide monitoring program as a part of the SOPO project of
PGI-NRI. Both landslides present a real hazard to hydrotechnical constructions. In 2018 the monitoring has been extended for the Łaski landslide including the on-line component. The article presents the subsurface and
surface monitoring systems and discusses the results of over 7-years observations. In both discussed cases, the landslides have long, multi-stage history. The measurement data show that, their activity has decreased since the activation impulse in 2010. However, they remain active, especially on the deep slip surfaces. High porosity and, consequently, rapid changes in the groundwater level and rainfall intensity confirm the unstable nature of these landforms. This also confirms that the possibility of further activation or sudden landslide descent into water reservoirs is still a real hazard.

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