Zagospodarowanie przestrzenne osuwisk – nadal otwarty problem

Izabela Laskowicz


Land-use of landslides – still an open problem.
A b s t r a c t. The method of landslide management raises more and more controversies and disputes, even social conflicts. At the core of these conflicts is the perception of landslide areas, which are regarded by some as favoring and suitable for habitation but by the others as a hazard. Only a deeper knowledge of their causes can lead to the development of mutual understanding and attempts to sustainable development of areas threatened by mass movements. This article presents geological and geomorphological features of landslides favorable for their management. This also describes the hazards resulting from the development of mass movements and the increasing number of populations inhabiting the landslide areas. The lack of unambiguous legal solutions (landuse policies) is an additional factor hindering the solution of this problem. The basic way to solve conflicts should be to provide reliable information and educational campaigns

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