Osuwiska w Polsce – od rejestracji do prognozy, czyli 13 lat projektu SOPO

Paweł Marciniec, Ziemowit Zimnal, Tomasz Wojciechowski, Zbigniew Perski, Wojciech Rączkowski, Izabela Laskowicz, Piotr Nescieruk, Dariusz Grabowski, Marcin Kułak, Antoni Wójcik


Landslides in Poland: from registration to forecast, 13 years of the LCS project.
A b s t r a c t. The intensification of disastrous landslide movements in southern Poland occurring at the end of the 20th century, showed that there was a need to create a unified system of acquiring and collecting landslide data. It also indicated the importance of raising awareness of the existence of landslide hazard for both residents and public administration (decision-makers). This was also the reason for launching a nationwide project, the Landslide Counteracting System (LCS; SOPO in Polish). This system is a platform for acquiring and processing information about mass movements in order to support mainly for government and local administration. The main goal of the project is to reduce the landslide risk in Poland, and to limit damages caused by the development of landslides.

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