Charakterystyka petrograficzna rozproszonej materii organicznej z warstw menilitowych

Konrad Ziemianin


Petrographic characterization of dispersed organic matter from the Menilite Beds.
A b s t r a c t. Dispersed organic matter from the Menilite Beds of the Skole, Silesian and Dukla units was investigated using optical microscopy and Rock-Eval pyrolysis. In the composition of organic matter fragments, macerals of vitrinite, liptinite and inertinite groups are present. Macerals of the liptinite group dominate (alginite, bituminite and liptodetrinite) whereas macerals of vitrinite (collotelinite, vitrodetrinite) and inertinite (fusinite, semifusinite, inertodetrinite) groups are less common. In most outcrops examined the organic matter is immature as evidenced by vitrinite reflectance Ro <0.5% and Tmax <435°C. Only the areas of Fore-Dukla zone and the Świątkowa tectonic window have a higher degree of organic matter transformation (oil window phase). Types II and III of kerogen are most common in the samples investigated.

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