Wstępne wyniki badań geochemicznych i mineralogicznych stref wietrzenia złoża cynku i ołowiu (obszar śląsko-krakowski)

Maciej Swęd


Preliminary geochemical and mineralogical results of zinc and lead weathering zones (Silesia-Cracow zinc-lead ore district).
A b s t r a c t. The study area is located within the Silesia-Cracow zinc-lead ore district. Secondary minerals were collected from the reclaimed zinc-lead underground mine in Bolesław and from the currently operated zinc-lead underground mine Olkusz-Pomorzany. The main goal of investigations was the geochemical and mineralogical comparison of weathering zone developed within horst and tectonic graben. Semi-quantitative chemical composition was determined using the SEM-EDS method and quantitative chemical composition was determined employing the EMP microanalysis. Mineralogical investigations were performed with the XRD. The predominant zinc mineral of weathering zone located within tectonic horst is hemimorphite. No primary and secondary lead minerals were observed in this zone. In contrast, the weathering zone within tectonic graben contains secondary carbonate zinc and lead minerals. These differences could result from pervasive sulfide minerals (especially marcasite) in a graben unit, and limestones which are the main gangue rock of this zinc-lead ore.

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