Petrologiczne rozpoznanie materii organicznej rozproszonej w sylurskich łupkach Gór Bardzkich (Sudety)

Grzegorz J. Nowak


Petrological identification of dispersed organic matter in Silurian shales of the Bardo Mts. (Sudetes).
A b s t r a c t. The present paper is focused on the petrological characteristics of dispersed organic matter of the Silurian part of the Graptolite Shales from the Bardo Mts. (Sudetes). The most abundant organic component is secondarily altered organic matter represented by solid bitumen. Based on the results obtained by optical microscopy, it was possible to distinguish several types of solid bitumen. They were determined as granular, porous, coke-like, mosaic and fluidal types. All bitumen types are optically isotropic. Bitumen reflectance varies between 1.37 and 1.62%. Based on the % reflectance values, the solid bitumen identified in the studied samples are classified as pyrobitumen.

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