Miedź, nikiel, ołów i cynk w strefach wpływu eksploatacji złóż miedzi Dolnego Śląska

Agata Duczmal-Czernikiewicz, Natalia Hoska, Marcin Zimny, Daniel Zimny


Copper, nickel, lead and zinc in the zones affected by exploitation of copper deposits in the Lower Silesia.
A b s t r a c t. Base metals (Cu, Zn and Pb) as the main resources of the Lower Silesian copper deposits have significantly been influencedby different enviromental factors. In this paper, changes in metal concentrations on the surface in relation to deeper layers of the sediments were examined. The concentration of metals in the whole sediment, and in selected grain fractions was studied. The contents of these metals in the soils of areas adjacent to the deposit are diverse and are in the range of: 3.0–1082.9 mg/kg Cu; 3.5–106.1 mg/kg Pb; 27.6–49.3 mg/kg Zn, and 1.33–23.0 mg/kg Ni in the old deposit district and Cu 0.91–1655.0 mg/kg Pb; 10.0–1792.0 mg/kg Zn; 3.38–1129.0 and 0.47–32.7 mg/kg Ni in the new deposit district. The increase of metal concentration in the fine fractions has been observed. Moreover, the decrease in the metal content with depth was observed in all investigated profiles.

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