Przegląd skamieniałości kręgowców i flory z terenów dzisiejszej Polski zgromadzonych w Muzeum Historii Naturalnej w Wiedniu

Wojciech Pawłak, Łukasz Czepiński, Aleksander Majchrzyk, Katarzyna Duk


Revision of fossils from the current territory of Poland housed in the Natural History Museum in Vienna.
A b s t r a c t. Current territory of Poland was an exploration area for paleontologists from other European
countries throughout the almost entire nineteenth century. A considerable part of findings were stored in
institutions located beyond current borders of Poland. We have examined, documented and identified above
350 fossils housed in the Natural History Museum in Vienna (Naturhistorisches Museum Wien). The collection
includes paleobotanical and paleozoological specimens from the Little Poland and the Upper Silesia. Some of these specimens are a unique material from the localities which are no longer available.

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