Z DZIAŁALNOŚCI ADMINISTRACJI GEOLOGICZNEJ Ropa naftowa i gaz ziemny w Polsce – obszary perspektywiczne oraz postĘpowanie przetargowe w 2018/2019 r. (część II)

Anna Feldman-Olszewska, Leszek Jankowski, Ewelina Krzyżak, Tadeusz Peryt, Magdalena Sikorska-Jaworowska, Krystian Wójcik


Oil and gas in Poland – prospects and licensing rounds in 2018/2019 in terms of hydrocarbon concessions (part II).
A b s t r a c t. On the 28th of June 2017, the Polish Ministry of the Environment announced the boundaries of the 15 tender areas selected for the third licensing concession round for prospection, exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons. In this paper we describe the areas located in the south-eastern (Ryki) and southern Poland (Proszowice W, Rudnik–Lipiny, Błażowa and Wetlina). The other areas have already been described in the previous issue of the Przegląd Geologiczny. The exploration target of the Ryki area is related to conventional gas deposits in the Upper Devonian and Carboniferous, as well as to unconventional tight gas deposits in the Frasnian carbonates. Prospects in the tender areas located in southern Poland are related to conventional oil and gas deposits in the Carpathians, Carpathian Foredeep and their Paleozoic-Mesozoic basement.

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