ARTYKUŁY NAUKOWE Rzeźba osuwiskowa południowo-wschodniej części Gór Wałbrzyskich, Sudety Środkowe

Wioletta Kotwicka, Kacper Jancewicz, Piotr Migoń


Landslide morphology of the south-eastern part of the Wałbrzyskie Mountains, Middle Sudetes.
A b s t r a c t. The occurrence of landforms induced by large-scale mass movements has never been reported from the SE part of the Wałbrzyskie Mts., despite detailed geological field mapping carried out twice in the 20th century. This paper provides the first description of landslide-affected slopes in this area, recognized through the combination of LiDAR DEM interpretation and field work. Fifteen landslides have been identified, ranging in size from less than 1 ha to 10.44 ha. Morphological signatures suggest that they represent various types, including minor translational slides, larger rotational complexes and valley-confined flowslides. Closed depressions typify several landslides. In a few instances the valley blocking by landslides can be inferred.

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