Przejawy korozji biologicznej kamienia budowlanego i problemy związane z jego rewaloryzacją

Marek Rembiś


Symptoms of biological corrosion of a building stone and the problems of its restoration.
A b s t r a c t. Biological corrosion (biodeterioration) of a building material resulting from the presence of microand macroorganisms that occupy the stone impairs its properties and may even lead to its full damage (disintegration). The stone conservation procedures usually start with surface disinfection and are followed by consolidation (stone structure strengthening) and surface hydrophobization (inducing water repellency). Thus, the stone is penetrated almost simultaneously by a range of various chemicals. The combined interaction of the substances of various chemistry may lower their effectiveness and even result in a failure to obtain the desired stone restoration. Author’s SEM observations have proved that some of the biocidal substances hamper a later introduction of chemicals, which either form appropriate films consolidating the sandstone structure or make the stone hydrophobic. Such adverse effects of the multichemical stone treatment have also been evidenced by the measurements of the sandstone compression strength and water absorbability.

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