Edukacyjna wartoość wystawy w Muzeum Okręgowym w Koninie Słoń leśny – Palaeoloxodon antiquus z odkrywki „Jóźwin” Kopalni Węgla Brunatnego „Konin”

Marzena Fedorowicz, Izabela Lorek


This article presents the educational value of the exhibition: “The straight-tusked
elephant – Palaeoloxodon antiquus from the Jóźwin open pit of the Konin Lignite Mine”, which
is displayed at the District Museum in Konin. The exhibition is located in the department of
nature. There are original skeletal bones of the straight-tusked elephant Palaeoloxodon
antiquus (Falconer & Cautley, 1847) and a life-sized model showing the reconstruction of the
possible appearance of the straight-tusked elephant. The almost complete skeleton of a male
elephant from the collection of the District Museum in Konin is one of the largest and most complete
skeletons in Europe. The exhibition was created owing to the cooperation with scientists from the Department of Paleozoology of the University of Wrocław. The presence of additional visual tables related to the evolution and the occurrence of prehistoric proboscideans significantly increases the value of the exhibition for educational purposes. It is possible here to comprehensively develop children and youth’s competencies by conducting interdisciplinary classes using exhibition resources.

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