Programowanie badań geologiczno-inżynierskich metodą MDC

Kazimierz Thiel



The article deals with the first attempt at applying in Poland the method of determining chains of operation (MDC - Polish variety of PERT method) in organizing engineering-geological researches related to a complex of two water basins constructed at Niedzica and Sromowce Wyżne. Principles of this method are discussed, as well as technique of elaborating and actualizing a model of operation system is presented. The model is also compared with the graphic schedules previously made for these researches. If more parallel researches limited only by their technology, and a closer connection between the researches, as well as greater amounts of working crews and drilling rigs are taken into account, the model should allow to shorten the period of examinations by 20 - 30 per cent., thus making possible the elaboration of preliminary project of the intended construction in a planned period. A comparison of the actual course of researches with the model demonstrates that all the parameters accepted for this model, among others, duration of individual research cycles, are right and real. The attempt at applying the MDC method in engineering-geological researches has shown that this method can successfully be applied in other scientifical branches, too. A possibility of shortening the research time by about 20 - 30 per cent., only by means of better organization, forces to apply this method on a larger scale.

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