Zlepieńce miedzianogórskie w zachodniej części Gór Świętokrzyskich

Zbigniew Kowalczewski



The author of the article is of the opinion that the Miedziana Góra conglomerate represents the base series of the Lower Devonian and not the regressive formation of the close of Silurian, as it has so far been accepted according to J. Czarnocki. The series of the Miedziana Góra conglomerates occurs in the western part of the Swiętokrzyskie Mountains, tectonically discordantly on various members of the Upper Silurian and Gedinnian formations folded during the Caledonian orogeny. They constitute the structural Lower Devonian equivalents of the Zechstein Zygmunt conglomerates, since they were formed under analogous conditions of a sea that transgressed through bays, due to the abrasion, within the littoral zone, mainly of the Cambrian weathering waste that came from E, NE and ENE, i.e. from the Łysogóry Mts. area. The fact that the Miedziana. Góra conglomerates are built up mainly at Cambrian rocks allows the author to draw a conclusion that the erosion preceding the sedimentation of the conglomerate series was deep and of long duration, and that the morphology at the basement was highly diversified. Considering the stratigraphical position of the Miedziana Góra conglomerates, which can hardly be established, the author draws a conclusion that the conglomerates here discussed can occur either at the base of the Upper Siegen - Lower Emsian (if the Siegen transgression reached the area of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains), or at the bottom of undoubtedly marine deposits of Upper Emsian age. In conclusion the author says that the Łysogóry Mountains were also affected by the Young Caledonian deformations which were earlier in the eastern area (after Upper Ludlovian) and later in the western area (after Gedinnian). In such a situation, the Caledonian-Variscan tectonical discontinuity should be expected within the Łysogóry area, already in the Devonian formations, i.e. between the Barcz series (Upper Siegen - Lower Emsian) wet the Bostów series (Gedinnian).

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