Zagadnienie inwentaryzacji złóż torfu w Polsce

Jan Bernat, Tadeusz Krajewski



Peatbogs and peats are of great importance in many domains of national economy, being also an object of interest for numerous scientific branches. In Poland, investigations of peat deposits for energy purposes were practically initiated at the beginning of the XX century. However, only after the World War II, strictly speaking after 1948, systematic research works were initiated by the State Geological Institute. It has been accepted in process of time that peatbogs are a fundamental area of agricultural production and therefore the supervision over peat economy has been given up in 1958 to the Ministry of Agriculture. The investigations conducted are mainly of prospecting character and lead to general explanation of a peatbog in the so-called category C2. For projecting and exploitation are made reconnaissance works in the category C1 and detailed investigations in categories B or A. At present, the investigations in category C2 are practically finished, since about 91% of the total area of the existing peat deposits are examined. According to the balance of the Ministry of Agriculture from 1965 the total area of the peatbogs in Poland amounts to 1,211,340,000 ha, and the resources of row peat mass amount to about 26,000,000,000 m3. All the research works should be finished in 1971. As a result of these studies cataloguing of peatbogs in Poland and peatbog map 1 :300 000 will be made, together with the detailed balance of peatbogs and of peat resources. As a basis of this work should serve catalogues made according to administrative districts, plotted on a cartographical base 1 :100 000. Both catalogue and map have to give short information as to the peat deposits and peatbogs in a way allowing them to be used also for geological purposes.

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