Procesy geodynamiczne na mapach inżyniersko-geologicznych

Lech Wysokiński



The author discusses the to-day geodynamical processes which are an important element for evaluation of engineering-geological conditions of the terrain during elaboration of engineering-geological maps. The present-day dynamical processes, thought to be a special problem, may be generally subdivided into the following ones: 1 - independent upon human activity (e.g. tectonics. volcanism, seismics, ebb and float, a.o.), 2 - processes that may be influenced by human activity (e.g. landslides), 3 - processes accompanying the building activity of Man (e.g. decompression of rocks and soils, drainage, subsidence). Making engineering-geological maps and defining special problems we point at the same time to the main prognostic question. As an example of such a solution the author presents the prognosis of stability of Vistula River escarpment made for the engineering-geological map of Płock.

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