Rozwój idei potasonośnego "zagłębia gdańskiego" w systemie permskim

Józef Poborski



The article deals with the discovery of potassium salts in the sea-shore area of the Puck Bay, and particularly emphasizes the history of all the geological activities that have led to the discovery under consideration. A possibility of potassium salt occurrence in this area has been deduced from detailed discussions on the Zechstein basin of Poland. The spacial picture of this has been plotted by the present author In the form of a lithofacial map and respective cross sections since 1956. In general. 3 periods may be distinguished in the history of study on the potassium-bearing Zechstein formations in the vicinity of the Puck Bay: 1 - period of creation of prospecting idea, 2 - period of popularization of prospecting for potassium salt deposits, and 3 - period of realization of the prospecting idea. The discovery of the potassium salt deposits in the gently dipping series of Zechstein evaporates found to occur in the vicinity of the Puck Bay has proved the prospecting idea which is the result of fundamental geologic studies and of geological interpretation evaporate deposits. It is possible that the discovery here considered may involve some greater mining activities, beginning thus a new period in the history of salt mining in Poland.

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