Zastosowanie analizy statystycznej w podziale na jednostki inżyniersko-geologiczne ..

Inez Wiatr



The paper deals with four statistical problems that appear during the subdivision into engineering-geological unite. The problems are as follows:1 - elaboration of geological model, definition of population examined and, on this basis, selection of variables, 2 - transposition of conception model on statistical model in which the mathematical structure of observation distinctly comprises a series of variance sources, 3 - statistical sampling according to statistical model, 4 - determination of approximations to population on the basis of a sample. The problems mentioned above are discussed by the present author on the basis of empirical data obtained during the elaboration of the Engineering-Geological Map of Płock Area, plotted by the geologists of the Engineering Geology Department, Warsaw University. Discussing various aspects of the process of subdivision into engineering-geological units, the author takes into account some selected methods of statistical analysis, particularly the Krumbein and Greybill's method of randomization, the correlation analysis applied in determining both population and model of engineering-geological environment the determination of statistical. samples, and the application of factor analysis in its three variants (R, Q, M). A necessity is especially emphasized by the author to base all the statistical methods on the following factors: thorough examination of non-statistical aspects of the geological problem studied and concrete decision as concerns the usefulness of a given statistical method with respect to each definite problem of the engineering-geological researches.

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