Warunki hydrodynamiczne w syneklizie perybałtyckiej

Leszek Bojarski



More than ten deep bore holes have been made and examined in the area of the Peri-Baltic syneclise and the adjacent regions. Examinations comprised both Palaeozoic and Mesozoic horizons of the basin. Measurements of flows and of hydrostatic horizons allowed the author to determine the hydrodynamical conditions of the basin considered. It has been ascertained that the Peri-Baltic syneclise is filled in with brine and water characterized by various degree of mineralization. In the westerly, deeper part of the Peri-Baltic syneclise, Palaeozoic and Mesozoic waters are found to occur within the pressure zone of an artesian basin. The remaining part and the Mazury-Suwałki elevation are in the pressure zone of subartesian type. The attached map (Fig. 1) shows the scheme of water circulation. The general system of piezometric surface illustrates a dipping of this latter, beginning with the Mazury-Suwałki elevation, towards the deeper part of the Peri-Baltic syneclise and the marginal trough. The values of brine flows characterize here the permeability of the individual reservoirs.

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