Rejestracja osuwisk w Polsce

Józef Bażyński, Andrzej Kuhn



In 1968 the Geological Institute innitiated the registration of landslides, collapsing phenomena and building damages caused by washing out of the bedrock in towns situated on loesses. This wide registration work was caused directly by the catastrophic landslides and an intensification of these phenomena in spring 1967. A number of enterprises and scientific institutions cooperate with the Geological Institute and its branches. The data collected in the form of file cards are presented to the Section of Engineering Geology of the Geological Institute. After a careful selection of the data a map of land-slide and potentially threatened areas is compiled. The results will serve as a basis for an adequate planning of prevention methods and for establishing building standards for the landslide areas. This action is expected to be concluded by the end of 1970. The present paper presents the methods of registering the landslides and the collapsing of loess grounds.

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