Nowe podstawy do stratygrafii miocenu Polski południowej

Wilhelm Krach, Tadeusz Kuciński, Ewa Łuczkowska



Towards the end of the year 1968 the Working Group for Paratethys Stratigraphy in Poland passed a resolution of the acceptance of new names: Egerian, Eggenburgian, Ottnangian, Karpathian and Badenian. More in detaiI were discussed only Badenian and Sarmatian, however. In May 1969 the Badenian has been subdivided into the following sub-stages: Opolian s.s. (without evaporates at the top); Bochenian (T. M. Kuciński) with salt-bearing beds from Wieliczka and with clay-dolomitic beds from Chodenice; Grabovian s.I. with Grabowiec beds and with newly distinguished Dębice beds (T. M. Kuciński). The subdivision of the Badenian (former Tortonian in Poland) resembles that applied by Soviet geologists in the Ukraine area, and differs from that used in Austria and Czechoslovakia, as it may be seen in the table. The Lower Sarmatian has been subdivided into the following substages: Buhlovian and Volhynian. The boundary between the Badenian and Sarmatian has been put at the bottom of the Buhlovian, mainly on the basis of the transition fauna. Detailed motives of acceptance of this boundary may be found in the papers of the authors mentioned above (Kwar. geol, 1969, nr 4).

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