Tektogeneza syneklizy przybałtyckiej

Janina Motyl-Rakowska, Krzysztof Schoeneich



The beginning of the formation of the syneclise falls to the Venlockian time, its termination – to the Permian - Triassic boundary. Faults are here compressional, parallel to the conventional boundary between the syneclise and anteclise. They were formed at the Ludlovian-Venlockian boundary, and died out before Permian. Irregular folds of Sępolno, Barciany, Zaręby and Dębowiec began to form at the Cambrian time, being modulated till the present day. The formation of the folds and of the accompanying changes in thicknesses of the deposits was a result of the local differentiating vertical movements of the petrological elements of the pre-Cambrian platform socle, due to disturbances in gravitational equilibrium.

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