Cechsztyńska formacja miedzionośna w Polsce

Jan Wyżykowski



As concerns mineral deposits. Zechstein is particularly interesting among all geological formation in the Earth's history. In Poland the Zechstein formation is characterized by a generally increased copper mineralization that at places passes into are concentrations of industrial value. Such ore deposits are known from the Lower Silesia area where they occur within the North-Sudetic trough, in the region of Bolesławiec and Złotoryja, as well as within the Fore-Sudetic monocline in the region of Lubin-Głogów. The latter one has been discovered by the Geological Institute in 1957 as a result of systematic prospections initiated in 1951, using geophysical and drilling methods. The deposit is the largest copper ore deposit in Europe and belongs to the largest deposits of this kind in the world.

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