Model prędkościowy antyklinorium pomorskiego

Jerzy Żaruk



On the basis of an analysis of measurements of average velocities in 25 boreholes on the Pomeranien anticlinorium certain stratigraphical-velocity complexes have been distinguished. A precise analysis of complex, interval and average velocities was carried out for these complexes, as a result of which the relation between seismic velocities and age and depth of deposits was established. On the basis of the relationships obtained it was possible to construct concrete velocity models for the regions selected or for the entire area of the Pomeranien anticlinorium which significantly increases the degree of accuracy in the depth interpretation of seismic data. As an example of utilization of the established relationships a velocity model was constructed along the seismic profile intersecting the Złotowo structure. Moreover, the influence of the horizontal velocity gradient on the accuracy of depth interpretation of the sub-salt boundary is demonstrated.

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