Hydrogeologiczna interpretacja wyników obserwacji wahań zwierciadła wód podziemnych

Cyryl Kolago



Multihorizontal network of groundwater observations does not exist, except for a few ul1ban regions. The network of groundwater surveys of the State Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology covers the first water horizon, often situated above the first utilitarian (water-supply) horizon. The results of many years observations provide valuable material which should be the subject of detailed hydrogeological analysis. The knowledge of accurate localization of the observational stations, both in regional scale and on the background of local conditions, is of primary importance for the validity of the analysis. It is only when the observational points are grouped according to their localization, that an attempt of their classification based on the nature of watertable fluctuations in the first undergroundwater horizon may be started. The works on the hydrogeological map in the scale 1:200,000, conducted by the Geological Institute, include a detailed control of the groundwater observational stations of the State Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology. A specification of the observational stations includes the most important features of their location from the hydrogeological viewpoint; it also includes a classification into particular groups, which indirectly define the degree of representativeness of the network. Examples of a description of the observational stations and their classification are given.

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