Przekrój geologiczny trasy mostowej "Łazienkowska" w Warszawie

Wiktor Zbigniew Należyty



The ,,Łazienki" route in Warsaw, constructed according to the decisions of the Government and the Party, is the main investment leading to the amelioration at the traffic conditions in the capital. The route will link two parts of the city, situated under various geological conditions and within various morphological relations. The initial part of the route will run within the Mazowsze Upland, beginning with the Zawisza Square up to the Vistula river slope in the region of the Ujazdowski Park. At this sector a lot of engineering objects will be constructed, like overpasses, pedestrian subways, retaining walls and deep cut. The further part of the route, after crossing the Vistula river slope, will enter the valley area on the higher and flood terraces of the Vistula river. Here are foreseen viaducts, track junctions, helices, high embankments and a multi-span bridge. During conceptional and design works a lot of engineering-geological elaborations, in the form of documentations, have already been made for the purposes of the bridge route. During these works numerous and rich materials have been collected from drillings and laboratory examinations later thoroughly and critically estimated at the Department of Engineering Geology at the Warsaw University. In consequence of this a geological section has been worked out which, in relation to the synthetic geological publications and geological maps of Warsaw, should be an additional contribution to the knowledge of the highly complicated geological conditions in the city of Warsaw.

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