O wzrastającym zagrożeniu wód naszych mórz

Władysław Karaszewski



It results from one of the last public statements of prof. J. Piccard that the Baltic Sea belongs to the most impended seas of the world. The contamination of this scarcely aerated water basin rapidly increases causing enormous losses in the composition of its animal environment. Beside the contaminations with various industrial products and refuses the most dangerous is oil transportation. A wreckage of only one big oil-tanker can be responsible for the complete annihilation of biological activity in this sea. From the geological point. of view the impendency of the Baltic Sea can considerably be increased due to the -prospecting works for oil off-shore, particularly under the Baltic Sea bottom. In consequence of this both geological survey and oil industry are highly responsible for all possible changes here. Prof. J. Piccard rightly emphasizes that responsible are here not only the oil industries, but also numerous consumers’ communities unrestrained in their rapacity to augment goods infinitely. This seems to be the beginning of a killing danger for the future mankind. Thus, a necessity arises at present to change completely the mentality of our generation. Of considerable importance are here all kinds of mass information centres.

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