Mechanika gruntów a geologia inżynierska

Cezariusz Kowalski



Soil Mechanics is connected on the one hand with the geology - especially with engineering geology - because Soil Mechanics is engaged in the studies of soils, which, as rocks, are the object of geological studies; on the other hand, as it comes from its name, with the branch of Physics - Mechanics – especially with mechanics of the dispersed medium and with applied mechanics. The position of Soil Mechanics in the system of sciences is not univocal. According to assumptions and aims of studies soil mechanics can be defined, as a branch of geological sciences - especially the Engineering Geology, as a branch of physical sciences, and as a branch of engineering knowledge. The perfect reviews of the soil mechanics development in Poland are given at the organised by the Polish Academy of Sciences and Lódź Technical University Seminars in Lódź (in the years 1964 and 1970). The published papers and the course of discussions at the Second Seminary not only at the Section V, devoted to engineering-geological problems of the Seminar with the actually main directions of development of the fundamental, engineering-geological studies.

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