Główne zadania w zakresie ochrony wód podziemnych w Polsce

Sławomir Łodziński, Bronisław Paczyński, Zenobiusz Płochniewski



Groundwater is the basic raw material in national economy. On account of its multiple use i.e, the demend of the population, of the industry, agriculture, forestry, etc., requires a reasonable and careful use and special protection. The most urgent organizational, legal, economical, and scientific-technical tasks connected with groundwater protection are as follows: - Unification of regulations concerning groundwater protection, - Defining of tasks of administrative, scientific and technical units responsible for proper execution of groundwater protection program, - Segregation of ground water consumers according to their qualitative requirements of water (chemical composition and physical properties of water), - Estimation of national resources of fresh groundwaters not only in the aspect of the category of recognition, but also taking into account the values of particular reservoirs and water-bearing horizons, and the necessary degree of protection of water resources and quality. Preparation of the list of reservoirs requiring special protection (limitation of exploitation, artificial increasing of resources). - Undertaking studies on elaboration and initiation of rational methods of artificial alimentation of natural groundwater resources on the scale of the whole country. - Intensification of prevention activities in mining industry in order to decrease the scale in which the exploited deposits are drained off, and of more rational treatment of mining waters. Delimitation of the deterioration effect of minerallized mining or spring waters on the quality of normal groundwaters. - Elaboration of a map of groundwater protection in Poland which would take into account both potential danger (e.g., danger of pollution from the surface) and forecasts of changes resulting from intake exploitation or mining activities.

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